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Bitcoinvn is an Internet forum, an online community where people can talk about bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. History

The forum launched in 2020, aims to create a playground for the community of cryptocurrency investors exchanging information. Forum suitable for experienced and professional investors, as well as providing knowledge for beginners who are just starting to enter this industry.

As a community network, Bitcoinvn's core content consists of posts from the users. To keep the conversation going, users can leave comments on each other's posts. A key feature of Bitcoinvn is that users can vote positive “like'' corresponding to each post and comment on the site.

The visibility of postings on the site is determined by the amount of upvotes, so the most popular content is displayed to everyone. Users can also earn "points'' for their posts and comments, thereby building a status that reflects their standing in the community and their contributions to the forum. Another notable point is that Bitcoinvn uses the “Pepe the Frog” meme to increase entertainment for users when participating in the forum. Topics
At Bitcoinvn, you can discover so many topics you are interested in. Basically, such as frequently asked questions, guides and other documentation on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies. From market analysis and investment strategies to economic discussions around Bitcoin. You can also share your tips & tools with other developers about development and technique.

News: In this board, you can share the news about Bitcoinvn and discuss the various press articles around the world. Stay up-to-date on Bitcoin and the booming blockchain technologies. All information selected by level 2 members brings you innovation, transparency and exclusivity news.

Blockchain Knowledge: Share knowledge from basic to advanced about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. This is the place to ask your questions if you are new to the world of Bitcoin. General questions about the Bitcoin protocol and how it works? Any opinions to share on wallets and other apps or services?

About New Projects: A place to introduce new projects that are highly appreciated for technology, and have the potential to be profitable when investing. Are you concerned about a website or a project related to Bitcoin? Please come and share it with other members here!

Market Analysis & Investment: Project analysis, technical analysis & on-chain analysis. Understanding Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Strategies for beginners. Sometimes, you can get advice from other users about the most effective way of using and investing in hardware or mining. Exchange of view of CPU, GPU, rigs mining, ASIC machines, etc here and share your experiences!

AIRDROP/BOUNTY/FREE Bitcoin: The latest news about Airdrop, bounty. You can earn free cryptocurrency as well as support potential Blockchain projects to expand. Head over to receive free cryptocurrency tokens to promote projects or programs. Feel free to share your referral and discuss about Airdrop, Bounty campaign and any advertisements.

OTC market & Whitelist market ICO: Having a good or a service to sell/buy/offer? Posting advertisements for stablecoins and other OTC trading here and discussing the different Bitcoin service platforms.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Criminal and Fraud Cases: Here you can follow news about criminal cases, wanted criminals, drug cases, serious murders, frauds, domestic and foreign criminal records related to Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can discuss the law, regulation and legal framework of Bitcoin here.

Off-topic/Coffee Talk: Talk about anything and everything here! Each of us has our own stories of life and dreams. Besides trading cryptocurrency pairs, here you can talk to strangers without worrying about being judged. Conclusion

Bitcoinvn is one of the largest and most prestigious forums about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain in Vietnam. The trust system and censorship, in general, make Bitcoinvn a good source of information. Staff and moderators always work hard to keep the forum organized and select the most useful information, as well as remove scammers.

Many crypto explorers in Vietnam have pointed out that the forum is a huge source of learning. Here you can find technical discussions that will allow you to improve your safety, limit your investment risks, or help you learn to distinguish a good project from a bad one. If you want to learn, understand, trade in the vast world of Bitcoin and cryptos, Bitcoinvn still remains and will remain one of the best places for that.
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